On a defense that has seven returning starters

On a defense that has seven returning starters, Ramsey remains the leader. He had four tackles and a pass breakup in last week’s game and set the tone on the first play when he body slammed Lawrence White after a 6 yard gain. Ramsey is back at cornerback this season after being mostly a safety the first two years..

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wholesale nfl jerseys While this draft is deep on defense, deep at running back and deep at receiver, not so along the offensive line, which could continue to push his stock up.”The offensive tackle class, as good as this draft is, that’s where the weakness is,” Mayock said. “You can find some interior offensive linemen, but once you get past the first two guys, there’s a bunch of question marks.”Otherwise, the week went mostly according to script.At 6 foot 4, 272 pounds, Garrett showed he possesses that rare combination of speed and strength everyone expected. His 4.64 second 40 was tied for fifth among defensive linemen and cheap nfl jerseys his 33 reps on the bench press were tied for second in his position group.The other big winner might be Ross, who sprinted into the spotlight Saturday by breaking Chris Johnson’s 9 year old combine record with a 4.22 in the 40. wholesale nfl jerseys

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