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She earned an undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina and a law degree from American University. Rep. Steve Southerland, R Fla., for a congressional seat in Northwest Florida that included Tallahassee and Panama City and all or parts of 14 counties.

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wholesale jerseys from china Michael is survived by his wife Lorna; sister, Joyce Inao (Howard) of Honolulu, HI, and children Terry Barber (Mark) of Fernley, NV; Randall Kakesako (Kathy) of Portland, OR; Laura Tindall of Pinole, CA; Sandra Shiraki (Eric) of Kailua, HI. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Christopher Jarose (Joanna) of Adelaide, AUS; David Jarose of Reno, NV; Robert Kelly (Danielle) of Pinole, CA; Reid (Keiko) and Robert Kakesako of Portland,OR; Matthew Shiraki (Yi) of Kailua, HI and Nicholas Shiraki (Yoko) of San Francisco, CA.; and his great grandchildren, Evangeline and Alexandra Jarose, Tristan and Tara Kelly. Michael was predeceased by his parents Kuichi and Shigeno Kakesako, brothers Paul, Mitsuru, Kenneth, and Tommy. wholesale jerseys from china

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