Whether they like or hate Biden

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canada goose Conan O’Brian joked that the main reason that the Republicans won’t impeach Obama (never mind needing to find “high crimes and misdemeanors) consists of two words, “President Biden.” There’s some truth to this. Whether they like or hate Biden, they don want to run in 2016 against an incumbent. Thus the Veep is, indeed, a kind of impeachment insurance policy.. canada goose

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canada goose black friday sale Our own nation has historically stood as a shining example to the world of progress in the spirit toward a nobler human existence. However, because of the intransigence of the NRA, coupled with the cowardice of our politicians, our country is devolving into a vulgar high tech parody of Dodge City an Uzi in every holster and death on every street. Thus we are viewed, not as a civilizing influence, but as a barbaric and crude throwback, hardly fit to serve as a example to anyone, except perhaps Lebanon.. canada goose black friday sale

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