The mattress one sleeps on has a great role in maintaining body posture. A regular mattress might provide comfort but not health benefits. A regular mattress is mostly foam based which might not be helpful for people with body pain and ache. However, one such mattress category that might serve the purpose is waterbeds. Waterbeds are mainly two types: softside waterbeds and hardside waterbeds. Softside waterbeds look more like regular mattresses while hardside waterbeds generally comprise a wooden frame which holds the water-based mattress. Let’s find out more about waterbeds and how they differ from the regular mattress.

What are they made of?

Contrary to regular mattresses, these mattresses are actually made with water. These beds take the form of a bath of hot warm water covered with a layer of canvas which is further made waterproof by a rubber covering.  As mentioned-above , the hardside mattress has a wooden frame that guards the mattress against bulging out, thereby providing a seamless mattress look. The hardside mattress can be placed on a pedestal or a hard base and one can also fix storage drawers beneath the mattress. On the other hand, softside waterbed mattresses can be placed over existing bed frames or mattress foundations. Softside waterbeds are available in a variety of sizes, starting from twin size to king size. These are available in two variations- single format and dual format.

Health benefits of using waterbeds mattresses

Apart from getting sound sleep, there are certain other benefits that one can achieve from sleeping on waterbeds:

  • Supports the body’s pressure points

A waterbed supports the pressure points of the body properly thereby letting the spinal cord stay in perfect position. Even if one sleeps on the sides the waterbed gives support to the neck, shoulders and coccyx to maintain a proper posture of the body. Even stomach sleep can benefit from sleeping on a waterbed.

This adequate amount of support helps to prevent joint pain and other orthopedic pains and gives the body the warmth to sleep comfortably.

  • Motion isolation

Certain high-quality waterbeds come with minimum bed movement features. When sleeping on a normal foam mattress, people experience excessive bed movement when their partner moves. However, with waterbeds, this is not quite the case. They are specially designed to reduce motion & energy thereby letting the other person sleep peacefully without disruptions.

  • Prevent allergies

Waterbeds are the best solution for people who are suffering from allergies. Waterbeds are covered with a vinyl surface which does not accumulate dust mites easily. Even if there is dirt, dust, bacteria or mold accumulation, they can be easily cleaned off.

  • Easing sleep disorders

Waterbeds can be a good solution for people suffering from sleep disorders. The surface of the waterbeds is relaxing and helps individuals to fall asleep faster. Additionally one can also adjust the temperature of the bed as per one’s preference.


Softside waterbeds are quite proof of how technology has evolved in the last few years. These beds are specially designed to meet the current requirements of modern society. However, while purchasing waterbeds one should always choose a reliable brand that has been manufacturing high-quality beddings for years.

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