When it comes to packaging products, standard size boxes don’t always cut it. For the cosmetics industry, bottles, cans and tubes of atypical shapes are often what distinguishes one brand from another. Here at Refine Packaging, we understand that your unique products need specialized packaging, which is why we offer custom options. Check out the 4 reasons why you should choose custom packaging today!

  1. Decrease Costs

Shipping your cosmetics in standard size boxes can add greatly to your shipping costs. No longer does “one size box fit all.” By using standard size boxes, your company could be losing money both on excess material as well on void fill materials that are used to keep your product safe.

  1. Go Green

With a recent trend in cosmetics to “go green,” we understand that you want your packaging to also be environmentally friendly. Custom printed cosmetic boxes should always take into account the size of the products you are shipping. In turn, boxes are designed specifically for your products and no excess material will be used. Also, Refine Packaging offers eco friendly packaging, an alternative way to protect your products and go green at the same time.

  1. Product Safety

Perfume bottles, nail polishes and many other cosmetics products are all very fragile. Similarly, many of these products come in atypical shapes, meaning that standard boxes won’t be the perfect fit. By using custom packaging, the shape, size and weight of your product is taken into account. This means that the packaging and the protective materials can both be customized to your product for maximum product safety. You can be certain that your product will make it to its final destination in the same condition as it was shipped. Leaving a positive first impression with your customers.

  1. Build your Brand

Refine Packaging understands the importance of branding in the cosmetics industry. While special formulas and labels help build your brand on shelves, product packaging can also help boost brand awareness. Packaging can be customized by more than just the size and shape, special labels and colours can be used to distinguish your brand from another. The European Journal of Scientific Research published a study on the impact of product packaging on consumer’s buying behaviour in which they detail the importance of using colours and images on packaging to draw attention to your product. Custom packaging is a great way to increase brand awareness from manufacturing to point of sale.

5.Custom Packaging with Hughes

We understand that in a fast-paced, trend-based industry, packaging needs are constantly changing and standard boxes do not always make the cut. Looking to learn more about how refine packaging’s custom packaging solutions can help your company? Contact a Refine Packaging Representative today to find out more.

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