When it comes to accessorizing, jewelry plays an essential role in female fashion. A jewelry collection without earrings is incomplete. The market has a plethora of varieties in this category, including nugget earrings, cuff earrings, hoop earrings, and many more. These earrings come in eye-catching designs with different metal bodies. While some are made of precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum, some have titanium, brass, steel, iron, and even plastic. Based on various styling preferences and budgets, both men and women buy earrings that enhance their overall fashion. Amidst all diversity, one thing remains constant- how to take care of earrings.

Importance of Taking Care of Earrings

There are two primary reasons why taking care of earrings is important:

To Protect The Value

There has been a misconception that only earrings made of precious metal need proper care. Although it’s true that such earrings need occasional polishing and a proper place for storage to retain their value and preciousness, taking care of earrings made of other metals is equally important. They may not have a high monetary value like silver, gold, or platinum, but there are exclusive designs and collections only available with custom jewelry. In fact, high-quality custom earrings nowadays have pricey tags due to their intricacy of designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and limited editions.

To Maintain Personal Hygiene

Even if it’s not all about money, taking proper care of earrings is important for maintaining personal hygiene. Be it a gold earring or a custom brass earring, if worn dirty, they can cause infection accompanied by foul odor. Many users have reported having their nugget earrings smell bad, and their skin starts itching, peeling, and drying after wearing them. Many people blame the quality of the earring for this problem, but the real culprit here is poor hygiene and care.

Tips for Taking Care of Earrings

Human skin sheds constantly, and so do the ears’. People who do not take off their earrings more often tend to accumulate shaded skin cells in the punctured hole in the ear. This further gets mixed with natural body oil, bacteria, sweat, and dirt. Sometimes this causes lump-like filth that not only gets stuck in the ear and the earrings’ stud but also causes a foul smell. Left unattended can cause severe rashes, puss-filled tumors, and infections that may call for medical help. Also, leaving the earrings in dirty places and then wearing them without cleaning can cause the same problem. To avoid these, here are some tips-

Soak Them in Luke’s Warm Water

Precious Metal Earrings can be soaked in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. One can add a soap-free cleanser or a pinch of salt to the water. The dirt will slowly get dissolved into the water in this way. To dry them off, one can use dry tissue paper to clean the remaining dirt from the earrings. This technique should be avoided for custom jewelry since it can cause the color to fade away or stones to get detached.

Gently Rub The Earrings With A Damp Cotton

One can use damp cotton to clean artificial gold-plated earrings to clean the dirt while preserving the color and shine. It is important to pay proper attention to the insertion part of the nugget earrings.

Use a Proper Storage or Earring Hanger

To keep the earrings protected from deformation, environmental factors, oxidation, and dirt, one can either use a special earring box made of wood or plastic or can use earring hands for more elongated pieces and keep them in a safe place where dirt can’t reach them. Proper dusting for the earring hanger is important.

Clean The Earrholes with Mild Sanitizer

For extra hygiene, it is recommended to swatch the skin of the ear and the punctured hole with a mild sanitizer at the time of wearing and taking off the nugget earrings. This not only keeps the skin protected from bacteria but also prevents odor.


These are the simple steps that one should be mindful to practice if they want their earrings to last longer and maintain their jewelry collection more iconic.

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