Slippers are an excellent open-foot option for various occasions or running errands. They are easy to wear and bring much comfort to an individual, making them a preferred choice of open footwear. There are different slipper designs in the market, all of which work to give the user the maximum comfort and style that matches their unique needs. The slippers come for both genders, with others being unisex to fit both genders; hence everyone gets assured of getting the best design and quality slippers that match their unique needs.

Shoe City provides various shoe options to customers in their different retail locations. Some brands within the store include Roxy slippers, DC, DVS, and Etnies, among others which tend to quench the unique needs of every customer. Athletes aren’t left behind; the stores have several athletic brands such as Puma, Reebok, Jordan, Adidas and KSwiss. The store has some of the latest and hottest shoe brands the public associates with and all sizes ranging from size to men’s size fifteen. Apart from Roxy sandals, the store has Quicksilver and Rainbow sandals with several accessories from Jansport backpacks, Stance socks, hats and Skateboards. The different kinds of Roxy slippers include:

Roxy Girl Lightweight Cushion Summer Sandals RG Vista II

Roxy Girl Lightweight Cushion Summer Sandals RG Vista II sandals cost approximately $18.99 and come in several colors. The various Roxy slippers colors give individuals a wide range of options to choose from with different sizes to ensure that there is a pair for everyone. The slippers are water-friendly EVA upper, making walking exceptionally comfortable in wet places without any fear of getting damaged. Additionally, the slippers have a poly-web-tined synthetic nubuck toe post with a Woven ROXY logo flag label which gives the slippers an identity. The slippers’ insole is soft EVA with a graphic print that offers a comfortable feel on the toes and feet. Also, the slippers have a durable rubber outsole that enables them to serve the users for a long time without wear and tear issues.

Roxy Girl Lightweight Summer Sandals RG Tahiti VI

Roxy Girl Lightweight Summer Sandals RG Tahiti VI Roxy slippers cost $13. 95 and come in several colors with a multicolor option for those wanting to spice things up. The slippers are imported and have a wide variety of features that enhance the user’s comfort and feel. A soft two-tone PVC upper and moulded heart logo adorns the upper with a dual-density EVA footbed with a graphic print. Additionally, the slippers have an EVA outsole for durable wear, making the user enjoy the comfort and benefits the slippers come with for a long time. The comfort and durability features make it a Roxy slipper of choice for several users.

Roxy Women Lightweight Summer Sandals Tahiti VI

The Roxy Women Lightweight Summer Sandals Tahiti VI has several features, which it is very well known for. Some features include a regular fit, Roxy logo detailing on the footbed and a lightweight two-tone rubber strap for a firm grip.


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