While there are many mens fashion sweaters to choose from, the only thing that everyone needs is a men’s sweater. Here are ten of our favourite styles to buy or make your very own. The information mentioned discusses the top ten men sweater styles that will keep you in style.

  1. Crew Neck Sweater: This style looks great on most men, whether tall or short, but is especially great for those looking taller. The crew neck of the sweater has a hemmed collar with a turtleneck underneath, designed to tuck in, making him look taller.
  2. V-Neck Sweaters: The v-neck on this distinctive style is noticeable at first glance but looks great on all men looking to have some “brawn” without being overbearing. Also, the v-neck is great for showing off a nice necklace.
  3. Fair Isle Sweater: Fair Isle sweaters are unique in design, colour and form. Fair Isle sweaters are knitted in Fair Isle patterns, which are simple but hard to master. Fair Isle sweaters are typically knitted in Shetland wool by Fair Isle knitters in Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotland. The Fair Isle sweaters are known for their distinctive geometric patterns. This sweater style is perfect for a man who does not want to blend into the crowd or even stand out too much.
  4. French Crew Neck Sweaters: The crew neck on this sweater has a unique flair that perfectly suits the man who wants it all and then some. The French crew neck has a flat hemmed collar that makes it look like a perfect fit for any man’s torso, and the full cut line gives him just enough room to keep his tummy and side rolls hidden. But it still makes him look daringly sexy.
  5. V-Neck Sweaters with Hoods: This men’s vintage fashion style has a great look for showing off a nice necklace, or even better, the man with the necklace. The v-neck of this sweater is shown on the side of his neck, giving it enough play to allow you to see his nice turtleneck underneath, but not enough that his body temperature does not feel it. The hood can be worn down or up depending on your needs and desires at hand.
  6. V-Neck and Cable Sweaters: The V-neck and cable sweater also has a very nice look but is a bit more masculine than the previous sweaters. This piece gives off the look of a man who has his life together, taking advantage of this new technology while still showing some traditional style. This sweater is great for men who want to stand out in the crowd without distracting or getting into people’s faces.
  7. Cable Cardigans: The only thing better than one v-neck sweater is two v-necks on top of one another. This classic sweater style is not outdated simply because it is easy to wear with any outfit, even when rugged up for skiing or working on your car. A cardigan can be worn with many different shirts and pants and has a more polished look than sweatshirts and crewnecks.

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