Hands can say a lot of things. A simple manicure any time of the year can brighten up your mood. Even after you have gotten a manicure done, the simple sight of fresh nails for days to come can make you feel great about yourself. But this holds true only when you get your nails done by the best of professionals at Nails A More. Nail care is an experience that can help you to relax and rejuvenate. It can change your mood and boost up your morale. Getting a manicure done is also great for your health as it helps to stimulate blood flow which boosts the health of the hands and nails. Following are some of the most popular manicure options. 

Classic Manicure

As the name suggests, it is a classic manicure that has been around for the longest time. In this type of manicure, the hands are soaked in warm water, and the cuticles are cleaned up. This is then followed by a massage, and at the end, your preferred nail polish is put. The nails are cleaned, shaped and painted in the manicure. The hand massage which is given helps to improve the health of the skin on your hands and promotes strong and healthy nails. Classic manicure is great for those who don’t mind changing their nail colours every now and then. 

Spa Manicure

This is the manicure that you should opt for when you are looking to go all out to treat yourself. It is also a great option for special occasions and holidays. Spa Manicure is a luxurious manicure that can transform the appearance of your hands and nails. It doesn’t matter how poorly maintained your nails are, the manicure will transform your hands to look their very best. The manicure is started by a warm soak and detailed cuticle removal. This is followed by a hand mask, extended massage and warm towel. As every manicure ends with nail polish, so does this. The spa manicure has been specially designed to boost the conditions of the hands and nails. 

Gel Polish

Many times people don’t prefer to get manicures because the nail paint chips and fades fast. Gel Polish is here to counter that. It is a modern and chic way of painting your nails without worrying about chipping. It is an ideal option when you want a long-lasting nail polish or design. A gel polish manicure can last for about 3 weeks if maintained properly. You can also change the colour in two weeks. 

Acrylic Nails

If you have short nails and are tired of them, then acrylic nails are a perfect choice. When you opt for acrylic nails, you must have a professional do it. This will help them last longer and prevent damage to your nails and cuticles. They are also a great option when you want dramatic nails or to experiment with fancy nail art.

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